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Rai - Can You Hear Me?!



Can You Hear Me?!


GTIN/EAN/UPC: 4099885196355


Preorder: 2022-10-01

Release: 2022-10-20

Streaming start: 2022-10-20


Genre: Pop/Rock - Singer/Songwriter

lyrics & music: rai

vocals, guitars, trumpet, synths: rai

drums: david perchermeier

additonal synths: toni hinterholzinger

recording: rai

mixing: toni hinterholzinger

mastering: stephan ernst

cover art: umbertino


Rai's debut album "Can You Hear Me?!" is an energetic and heart-rending look back at a strange way of life


"Nuremberg, Germany: Rai is telling his story, and he's doing it way too late! The production of his album took 12 years - not because he played all the instruments himself, apart from Dave Perchermeier's impressive drums, but because his story was not yet finished. Rai talks about his youth when he had to struggle with his insecurities, he talks about the love of his life, about his friends and people like parasites. Melodically strong guitars, catchy hooks and grooves and sensitive trumpet solos result in a well-rounded album that looks back on the last 20 years of an artist who was young at heart and would have wanted to publish his music long ago if it weren't intervened for his surprising career as a cover band musician, then university professor, author, music producer and recently President of the Nuremberg University of Music. 


Is that strange? Definitely, but it suits the music of an artist with an uncommon way of life.


And the wait was worth it: "Can You Hear Me?!" offers a varied listening experience of a restless workaholic with hit potential, great guitar playing and impressive depth."


For more information, promotional inquiries or to schedule an interview with Rai, contact info@listentorai.com.