podcast - May 2024

Podcast "Blasmusik in der Krise? Kooperationen als Chance!"

Times have become more difficult, even in brass music. Falling registration numbers and vacant conductor positions can be a cause for concern. Andy Schreck speaks to the managing director of the North Bavarian Music Association, the director of the BFSM Bad Königshofen and the president of the Nuremberg University of Music. Link to the Podcast.

New release - April 2024

Tanzen, Musizieren, Improvisieren, Gestalten. 
Kreative Unterrichtsmodelle zu Spielstücken aus dem Orff-Schulwerk. Schott Music. Mainz 2024.



Author: Ulrike Meyerholz, Editor: Rainer Kotzian


Order No.: ED 23407

Price: €23.50


Rektorenkonferenz der deutschen Musikhochschulen - May 2023

At this year's RKM summer conference, Prof. Rainer Kotzian was elected to the board. The term of office is three years and starts in October 2023. Further information here.

podcast - February 2023

Podcast "Hobby-Beruf" (Language: German)

Podcaster Matthias Droll discusses with Rainer Kotzian what a hobby job is, how synergies relieve the burden on the calendar, which excuses he uses as President of the Nuremberg University of Music and which he doesn't. Link to the Podcast.

Kunsthochschule Bayern - November 2022

Prof. Rainer Kotzian was unanimously elected as the new speaker of the Association of Bavarian art universities on November 22, 2022. He succeeds Prof. Bettina Reitz, President of the Munich University of Television and Film. Further information here.

New release - November 2022


Tonarten im Orff-Schulwerk entdecken

Von Wetterkapriolen, Schlafenszeit und Tierabenteuern


Author: Elisabeth Crabtree, Editor: Rainer Kotzian



Order No.: ED 23410

Price: €23.50



Album release - October 2022


Rai - Can You Hear Me?!

Album Release: October 20, 2022

available as stream and download

Presale started on iTunes and Amazon


further information here



New release - October 2021


Mit Musik kenn ich mich aus


Rudolf Nykrin, Rainer Kotzian


Music Theory for Children (Language: German)

Output: Workbook with video course

Order No.: ED 23445

Price: €21.50



podcast - September 2021

Podcast "Video-Tutorials in the Classroom" (Language: German)

Even beyond home schooling and distance learning: With video tutorials, music and instrumental lessons can be made more lively and motivating. Rainer Kotzian and Christian Müller report on how to create a video from a print product and how to create animated video tutorials for music lessons yourself. Link to the  Podcast.


At its meeting on April 28, 2021, the University Council of the Nuremberg University of Music elected Rainer Kotzian President of the Nuremberg University of Music. The appointment will be made on October 1st, 2021 by the Minister of State for Science and Art Bernd Sibler, who congratulated on the election: "Congratulations on this election! Prof. Rainer Kotzian is a passionate musician, a great music teacher and, as a committed dean of studies and vice president, is already very familiar with the tasks in university administration. He is predestined to lead the Nuremberg University of Music as future President through the pandemic into a successful future [...]" Further information here.

podcast - April 2021

Podcast "Orff-Schulwerk in digital Times" (Language: German)

If we transfer the ideas of the Orff-Schulwerk to our digital age, completely new possibilities for making music arise. In a conversation with Rainer Kotzian, it becomes clear how up-to-the-minute Carl Orff still is and what great use this knowledge has when working with music apps, for example. Link to the Podcast.

Franz Hofmann und Sophie Hagemann Stiftung - March 2021

On March 30, 2021, the university management of the Nuremberg University of Music appointed Rainer Kotzian and Franzpeter Messmer to the board of directors of the Franz Hofmann and Sophie Hagemann Foundation from April 1, 2021. Further information here.